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NB! This site will have a pp2 guide in Finnish and English. Visit the original pages, which are only in Finnish.

Game introduction

Pro Pilkki 2 is an ice fishing game. Its popularity stems from precisely balanced difficulty and detail between fishing simulation and gaming fun and game’s devoted and active online community. Pro Pilkki has created its own game genre, the first version, Pro Pilkki 1, was released in year 1999 and it became an ice-fishing game legend of its DOS-computer era. It was followed by the first demo-version of Pro Pilkki 2 in year 2005. Since that, new features have been released to the game several times each year and the development continues still.

List of game features are over 40 precisely modeled lakes, single player and free online games, 64 lures with their baits, 34 fish species, various game modes, cup competitions, challenge games, weather and season effects, official network records. The most important feature of the game is the modeling of the underwater world. Each fish species have their own distinct behavior, they interact with fishing lures and other fish and react to drilling and walking sounds etc.

Annual Pro Pilkki 2 Finnish and world championship tournaments have been arranged every year since 2007. Also Pro Pilkki Finnish champion’s league (team play) is played in winter season. Pro Pilkki 2 is available for Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.

NB! if the Waterways section does not have a map open then click on the link twice. (moving the vertical bar displays an ice or floor map)

Still missing:

Fish Species: A summary of all 32 species present in the game will be provided.

Starting points from maps: Add starting point (s) to all maps

Online gaming partition / part ready

General instructions for online gaming, e.g. manners.

Anything else I haven’t noticed yet?

NB! Propilkki 2 is now in the Game Lane

The Propilkki 2 player community now has the opportunity to join a larger player community, the Game Band, while also introducing TeamSpeak, a privately owned VoIP software that allows the user who downloads the program to talk to other users over the Internet. TeamSpeak is mainly used in multiplayer games for internal team communication. Now teamless players who have already joined quite nicely and have had fun discussions can also join. Here’s the advantage of no one having to call like Skype, TeamSpeak is always open, meaning you only join the channel.
Registering for the Game Band Forum: