Challenge competitions

Challenge mode

If you are new players, you might start for practising mode and after thta move on challenge mode. That is enjoyable way learn basic things what you need to know  to succeed fishing. If you register your nickname for offical record page, all stars what you earn for challenges, are added your recordlist (Last option of All time best – menu). First challenges are very simple, but trying get all stars will be hard for experienced fisher too.

In challenfe mode level of difficulty will raise every competition. Quite easy challenge are Tutorial-levels I and II, both have 10 missions, every mission have three challenge, so you can earn max three star for one mission. There is mandatory star for each missions, with out that you cant move next level.  Competition levels I, II ja III are more challenge than tutorial levels, competitions levels have 13 missions, all include three challenge. When this site was created (5.2.2018) less than 100 registered players had all maximum 177 stars earned. 4880 players have registered to play challenge mode. Will you next 177 earned player?

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Challenge tutorial 1

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Challenge whan mission info

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Here you can see all level of challenge mode, achievement %, and earned stars.  When you earned enough  stars you might get some bonus prizes like  new suite or new singleplayer map.