Venetjoen tekojärvi

Lake: Venetjoen tekojärvi

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Venetjärvi is a shallow artificial lake with very dark water color. Lake is created on top of old swamp, which gives reason for the color. Water level is much higher in the summer than in the wintertime. This is why the fish are concentrated to smaller area in the winter. An old riverbase is flowing through the area, providing fresh water with plenty of oxygen throughout the year.


The bottom is full of sunken logs and stumps. Fishing in the winter is mainly focused near the old river base. And if the moment is right there is really a good chance to get a lots of fish there. The perch grow really big in the lake. Lots of pikes exist as well, but they are mainly small. Also big ruffes have been got from the lake.


Perch, Pike, Roach, Ruffe, Bream, Burbot.

Species / obtained: 6 / 6

TOP-5 Largest fish by species

Rank Player Weight Species Lake Date
1. andris2222 1401 g Perch Venetjoen tekojärvi 09.01.2017
1. Qvest888 6003 g Pike Venetjoen tekojärvi 24.11.2019
1. [BoB] Miika 141 g Ruffe Venetjoen tekojärvi 19.11.2017
1. Bengan [SWE] 2301 g Bream Venetjoen tekojärvi 25.05.2014
1. Elovena 9739 g Burbot Venetjoen tekojärvi 12.10.2016
1. Month 219 g Roach Venetjoen tekojärvi 26.01.2019

TOP-5 Best results in total weight

Rank Time/Min. Player Weight Lake Date
1. 10 “Anakonda” 5187 g Venetjoen tekojärvi 25.05.2018
1. 15 jaxon 10277 g Venetjoen tekojärvi 21.02.2015
1. 30 Tonza_888 22321 g Venetjoen tekojärvi 18.04.2015
1. 60 Kuke 35755 g Venetjoen tekojärvi 02.12.2015
1. 90 kampe 42821 g Venetjoen tekojärvi 23.10.2015
1. 120 Pavel (18 RUS) 40347 g Venetjoen tekojärvi 28.11.2014