Drills and rods


Red drill

4″ drill is used lakes where usually is small opportunity for big fish. It is good choice when you try get lot of small fishes. It is faster drill new hole with small drill.

Nb! you can change drill when you are weigh-in area, click image of drill to change it. You can also select your default drill for your player default settings.

Green drill

6″ drill is used lakes where is good oppurtunity get big fishes and when size matter more than numbers.

Drilling speed

Here you can see how drill size  and condition influence drilling speed. Time is calculated when you click drilling and stoped when you have dropped lure to water. Table show also influence if you hit drill to bottom of lake. Drill size dont influence player ability run on ice.

Hit to bottom x
Time s

Time s
0 9,5 14,5
1 13,2 17,1
2 17,6 21,8
3 25,3 26,6
4 29,9 30,2
5 33,9 35,5


Rod 1

Lightiest rod, you can change sensitivity. Line is very thin so it should use only smalla lures and for small fishes

You can change sensivity using mouse to top of rod.


Rod 2

Basic rod, many players use this for default. You can change sensitivity with this too. It works fine for most vertical and horizontal lures.

You can change sensivity using mouse to top of rod.


Rod 3

Strong rod with heavy line. Not best for smallest lures, becouse it is not so sensitivity. Good when you try cathc bigger fish.


Rod 4

Strongest rod with heaviest line. Only for biggest fishes and heaviees lures.

When you are using rods 3 or 4 it might be good idea select also big drill. You hate nothing more than you get fish of your life, but it too big for small hole and it (likely) cut your line. Game have also so big fishes that even big drill fish might not fit to hole.