Lake: Korpipuro

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Korpipuro is a narrow but quite deep stream located on a hilly terrain, deep in old forest. Deeper spots make it suitable place for fish also in the winter. Water color is typically clear but because of the slow water flow it can occat(s)ionally turn dark fast. River does not have any big stones, rapids or deeper spots which can make it challenging to find the fish.


Korpipuro was known earlier as a place full of small trout. Afterwards brook trout was put to the river, and it quickly became the main target for fishing. Fish are quite shy, so it’s hard to get more than a few from the same hole.


Brook Trout, Trout, Pike, Perch, Roach.

Species / obtained: 5 / 5

TOP-5 Largest fish by species

Rank Player Weight Species Lake Date
1. gunis(irl) 104 g Perch Korpipuro 03.01.2017
1. Muropaketti 961 g Pike Korpipuro 27.04.2016
1. *Kharon* 606 g Brook trout Korpipuro 28.12.2016
1. aku ankka 59 g Roach Korpipuro 13.04.2019
1. lareman 751 g Trout Korpipuro 18.08.2018

TOP-5 Best results in total weight

Rank Time/Min. Player Weight Lake Date
1. 10 exte 2722 g Korpipuro 19.02.2018
1. 15 lareman 3313 g Korpipuro 05.01.2018
1. 30 lareman 5417 g Korpipuro 31.08.2018
1. 60 lareman 7047 g Korpipuro 09.10.2017
1. 90 lareman 8376 g Korpipuro 07.11.2017
1. 120 lareman 11692 g Korpipuro 07.01.2018