The commands

Network game chat command reference

Commands for all players:

Command Definition
/help Shows the list of available commands.
/admin Shows if the player has admin rights.
/admin xx Gets admin-rights with password xx.
/names Displays player names and corresponding IDs (used in private messages). Shows also the waiting players with their waiting times.
/N message Sends a private message to player N.
/T message Sends a team message. Only players of the own team see it.
/ver Displays the game version of the host.
/team [team name],[password] Changes the current team with given password (optional). Command to leave the team: /team off.

Commands for the game host:

Command Definition
/admin xx Sets admin-password to xx. Password is removed with: /admin off. (check corresponding command for players).
/host xx Sets host-password to xx. Password is removed with: /host off.
/wait n Sets the wait time between competitions (autohost).
/password xx Sets the game password to xx. Password is asked from players before entering the games. Password is removed with: /password off.
/spect [on/off] Off = Players on ice cannot see the chat of spectators (waiting players). Host can still see it.
/script [file.txt] Sends or performs 10 chat-messages or commands from text-file. File must be located in “static”-folder. Commands from a file “autohost.ini” are performed automatically every time when the host is started.
/lures [on/off/all/custom] “on” = Six extra lures are randomized for each competition.

“off” = Only default lures available.

“all” = All lures available.

“custom 1100..-0000..-1010..” = Custom selection of lures in use (1=on, 0=off). Three categories with 16 lures (1 or 0) and dash “-” between the categories. Non-defined lures are off. Example: two first lures available from each category: /lures custom 11-11-11

/resultlog [PIN/off] Defines the resultlog availablility via HTTP and sets a PIN code for it. After enabling it, see the link and parameters in the host HTTP page (with web-browser, login as host).
/resultlogdays [days] Defines the minimum number of days the result logs are stored, before they get automatically deleted. Default setting is “off”, which means the logs are never deleted.
/minver [ver/off] Sets minumum allowed client version for entering the host. “Off” sets the default (latest features and lakes are required).
/port [number] Defines which TCP/IP port game host listens. Requires restarting of the host game.
/exit Shuts down the game after sending notification to all players. Command must be given two times in a row.

Commands for admins (and the host):

Command Definition
/hello [text] Sets welcome text. This text is also shown in the public host list, if the game is listed there.
/timer N [text] Sets a break-timer (N minutes) and a description text for it. It is shown as a count-down for all the players in waiting state. If the game is on, timer starts to run when the competition is finished.
/results N In-game results to chat in every N minutes (top 10)
/mute N Mutes player N out of general chat. Only private messages are allowed.
/unmute N Removes muting of player N.
/chat [on/off/reg] Public chat enable/disable/registered.

When “reg” option is selected, only players registered to network records can attend to public chat.

Private and team messages are always enabled.

/kick Lists the players and corresponding numbers.
/kick N Kicks out player N and prevents connection for 5 minutes.
/kick N X Kicks out player N and prevents connection for X minutes. /kick N 0 (Kicks a player for 0 minutes, for example when a warning or host is full, the player gets back immediately)
/banaddress IP [minutes] [name] [id1] [id2] Adds an IP address (and optional unique player identifiers id1 and id2) as banned. Playlog.txt contains ready banaddress-command for each player as they join the game. Use /unban to remove banned addresses. Note: name -parameter cannot contain spaces.
/unban Allows again all IP-addresses banned with kick-command.
/admins Shows all players with admin rights.
/autoban [on/off] If speed cheating is detected, kicks out player and prevents connection (24h)
/players N Sets the upper limit for the player amount in the network game
/in N Selects player N into game
/out N De-selects player N from the game (allowed only in lobby)
/show names
/show teams
/show all
Shows player names and/or teams on ice (names and teams are shown by default). Requires host v1.2 or later.
/hide names
/hide teams
/hide all
Hides player names and/or teams on ice. Requires host v1.2 or later.
/start Starts the competititon
/stop Stops the competition and returns to lobby
/bots Shows the list of bots (computers players) in the game
/addbot [skill 1-3], [name], [team] Shows the list of bots (computers players) in the game. e.g. /addbot 1,player1, zxc
/removebot [id] Removes a bot from the game. Bot id numbers can be seen with the /bots -command.
/teambot [id],[team name/off] Changes the team of the bot.
/autobots [on/off] Bots (computer players) are automatically removed from the game, when the host is full and new players arrive. Bots will be restored automatically when the competition is over and the host is not full anymore.
/A viesti Sends an admin message. All admin players can see it.
/adminhello [text] Sets welcome text for all joining admin players.
/atstart Lists the players that are currently at the starting place.

Autohost remote control and scripting commands (autoscript.txt):

Command Definition
/lake Shows the next lake and length of a competition
/lake? Shows the list of available lakes
/lake [ake name or part of it], [season 1-3], [time  1-3], [duration 1-6] Selects the next lake. Optional parameters:
season: 1=autumn, 2=winter, 3=spring
time: 1=morning, 2=afternoon, 3=evning, 4=night
duration: 1=10 min, 2=15 min, 3=30 min, 4=1 h, 5=1.5 h, 6= 2 h
/lake ruu,3,1,3 (Iso-Ruuhijärvi, spring, morning, 30 min)
/game Shows the next game type and start place
/game? Shows the list of available game types and start places
/game [game type 1-25],[start place] Selects the next game type and start place

Example: /game 5,1 (game type ”biggest fish” and start place 1)

/autoscript [on/off] [line number] Sets auto-script on/off and optional line number where auto-script will start running the file (default is the beginning of the file). When competition ends and auto-script is on, auto-script will continue reading autoscript.txt (in folder “static”) and execute lines until it finds the next empty line. This makes it possible to build playlists of lakes. Here is an example of autoscript.txt containing a playlist of three lakes: Iso-Ruuhijärvi (15min), Lehmilampi (biggest fish, 15min) and Jormuanlahti (Normal, start place 2, 30min).

Content of a file static\autoscript.txt:

/lake ruuhijärvi,3,1,2

/lake lehmilampi,3,1,2

/game 5

/lake jormuanlahti,1,1,3

/game 1,2

/autoscript on

# Previous line starts the script from the beginning

Note! All the chat commands and responses are in English. Selected game language has no effect on them.