Lake: Pitkälampi

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Pitkälampi is a small dark watered pond in between of two ridges. It is relatively deep and has a steep shore line. Water flow and its exchange is minimal, but the deepness provides big enough oxygen reservoir for the
whole winter.


Place has not been popular in fishing, so there is no reliable information about the fish – only hoaxes. It is known that the small perch are typical there, occasionally a bit bigger ones as well. For some reason the ruffe seems to like the place. Also pikes exist – in the summertime some fishermen had lost a few lures with a beast.


Perch, Pike, Ruffe

Species / obtained: 3 / 3

TOP-5 Largest fish by species

Rank Player Weight Species Lake Date
1. AJH 988 g Perch Pitkälampi 25.05.2019
1. janchuks_co 5663 g Pike Pitkälampi 26.02.2017
1. Antti 108 g Ruffe Pitkälampi 02.10.2016

TOP-5 Best results in total weight

Rank Time/Min. Player Weight Lake Date
1. 10 Zuranika 2964 g Pitkälampi 02.01.2020
1. 15 Ded 1 4159 g Pitkälampi 04.09.2019
1. 30 janchuks_co 8010 g Pitkälampi 26.02.2017
1. 60 Tössö 5992 g Pitkälampi 17.01.2018
1. 90 Kuha-Kalle 5772 g Pitkälampi 13.10.2019
1. 120 ESME 7194 g Pitkälampi 10.04.2019