General instructions

General notations for online games

  • Do not use inappropriate usernames. Sexual, racist, and celebrity names result in a warning and a request to change your username. For example, you can give us your name. (example -heikki-)
  • Do not use swearing words in the username and the team ID must be appropriate (example TKN). Use only the correct country code (example FI or FIN)
  • Learn the basics before playing an online game and remember good manners.
  • If you ask politely, you may get a good answer (at least from the admin)
  • Don’t tell me every fish you get.
  • Speak politely
  • Attention No one can book a place on the lake! The game determines how close another player can drill.
  • The game administrator is the host, administrators, and web administrators. They can mute player /mute N, kick player /kick N, set pauses /timer N, switch /lake (s) and game mode /game.
  • Some hosts may have a half time. Do not go next to the leading person. Half the time is when u are in the top ten.
  • Every player is equal.
  • Don’t talk about politics or religion.
  • Avoid swearing. We have kids playing!
  • Players’ usernames, IP, public chat are stored.
  • Don’t stay at the beginning if ur not interested in the map.
  • Keep the game clean so everyone has fun.
  • If you have a criticism, question, etc., send it to the host.
  • The host is not always online, so ask your administrator!

Penalties (host dependent)

  • /mute N text not displayed (private messages work)
  • /kick N 0 The player is kicked for 0 minutes. U can come back immediately.
  • /kick N Player is blocked for 5 minutes (example of an inappropriate username and a warning must be given to the administrator)
  • /kick N 10-30 players are blocked after 10-30 minutes
  • /kick N 9999999 long block (example very inappropriate action or username)

If u get blocked for no reason. please contact the host.

Tips for administrators (host dependent)

  • The first warning
  • Very blatant cases, please give us your own decision making.
  • The administrator can change lakes, game modes, and enter half-time.
  • If muting is enough, use it!

If someone asks for help, administrators will try to help green players get started. An example of which jig is good for a particular lake.