PP2 Lures

Pro Pilkki 2 all lures

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Vertical Lures

Vertical Lures Vertical Copper Vertical Gold Vertical Red Silver Vertical Silver Hologram Vertical Fluor Red Vertical Copper 2 Vertical Silver Vertical Gold 2 Vertical with Wings Gold Vertical Silver 2 Vertical with Wings Copper Vertical Copper 3 Vertical with Wings Silver Vertical Silver 4 Vertical Fluor Red 2 Vertical Copper 4

Horizontal Lures

Horizontal Lures Horizontal Perch Color Horizontal Silver Horizontal Parrot Color Horizontal Ambulance Horizontal Ambulance 2 Horizontal Vendace Color Horizontal Perch Color 2 Horizontal Red Silver Horizontal Black Silver Horizontal Vendace Color 2 Micro Horizontal Red Micro Horizontal Light Green Micro Horizontal Light Green 2 Micro Horizontal Orange Micro Horizontal Perch Color Horizontal Fattie

Other Lures

Other Lures Burbot lure 1 Burbot lure 2 Striped Spoon Red Spoon Charr Spoon 1 Charr Spoon 2 Red Leech Green Leech Flea Yellow Flea Silver Flea Copper Flea Black Flea Red Flea Red Yellow Micro Flea