Pieni Särkinen

Lake: Pieni Särkinen

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Pieni Särkinen is a small lake in central Finland. It has shallow depth profile and it is full of water plants. Water quality is still in good level, because the roach and similar fish can still reproduce well there.


Main fish to catch is the roach, which is really common in the lake. Also the perch exists, but it is more rare and smaller in size. Pikes also exist but they are not lacking natural n(o)urishment, and that makes them hard to catch. Many other roach-type of fish species can be found from the lake, but their amount is significantly smaller compared to the roach.


Roach, Perch, Pike, Ruffe, Rudd, Silver Bream, Zope.

Species / obtained: 7 / 7

TOP-5 Largest fish by species

Rank Player Weight Species Lake Date
1. Matikka Koira Auto 415 g Perch Pieni Särkinen 05.12.2018
1. K.O.W.K.A 1833 g Pike Pieni Särkinen 25.06.2018
1. arturs 67 g Ruffe Pieni Särkinen 29.12.2016
1. PikkuKupla 397 g Silver bream Pieni Särkinen 14.10.2018
1. Mr.Fish 397 g Roach Pieni Särkinen 10.01.2017
1. SupremeSkill 283 g Rudd Pieni Särkinen 12.01.2019
1. Jankova 162 g Zope Pieni Särkinen 26.03.2016

TOP-5 Best results in total weight

Rank Time/Min. Player Weight Lake Date
1. 10 Klapa 2865 g Pieni Särkinen 09.12.2013
1. 15 Shustov 4178 g Pieni Särkinen 03.07.2014
1. 30 morfeusz 9147 g Pieni Särkinen 14.12.2014
1. 60 ED 11429 g Pieni Särkinen 24.03.2016
1. 90 Ozzman 13311 g Pieni Särkinen 11.04.2019
1. 120 ESME 19697 g Pieni Särkinen 05.04.2019