Lake: Vuolasniva

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Vuolasniva is a small river with a strong current, it originates from the fjelds. Water is clear and barren, but the lack of proper roads to the area gives it untouched fishing atmosphere. There are two small lakes between the fjelds as well, populated by arctic charr.


Fish population of the river consisnts of grayling and white fish. The trout is also quite common. The two lakes with rich population of arctic charr makes the area interesting for fisherman. Size of the fish, particularly in other of the lakes, has become very small. Both lakes can still provide bigger charrs as well.


Arctic charr, Grayling, White fish, Trout, Pike

Species / obtained: 5 / 5

TOP-5 Largest fish by species

Rank Player Weight Species Lake Date
1. Alex68 547 g Grayling Vuolasniva 20.12.2013
1. Germo 1563 g Pike Vuolasniva 19.04.2013
1. Ded 1 2586 g Arctic char Vuolasniva 22.07.2018
1. COOL 899 g Whitefish Vuolasniva 05.12.2016
1. Daiva 1748 g Trout Vuolasniva 26.12.2017

TOP-5 Best results in total weight

Rank Time/Min. Player Weight Lake Date
1. 10 Pefletti 6429 g Vuolasniva 24.08.2013
1. 15 Pefletti 9932 g Vuolasniva 28.08.2013
1. 30 Epi 14223 g Vuolasniva 12.09.2019
1. 60 Bany 15822 g Vuolasniva 31.08.2014
1. 90 Kuha-Kalle 20294 g Vuolasniva 14.04.2019
1. 120 Kuha-Kalle 18274 g Vuolasniva 10.11.2018